Signature Fragrances

Angel Wings – A delicate, sweet fragrance that will whisk you away to a far off land. Feel content like you’re napping on a soft cloud.

Avocado & Mint - Fresh and down to earth, this scent is like a good chat with a friend. Regain your focus, while nurturing your home with good vibes.

Clean Linen - Freshly folded and ready for snuggling! You’ll fall in love with this familiar and cosy scent. 

Coconut Lime - A summer twist to revitalise your soul. Like soothing sunsets and sand beneath your toes, the beach is calling!

French Pear. High tea and your girl gang, sipping champagne near the Eiffel Tower. This inviting scent will remind you of good times.

French Vanilla - This creamy, melt in your mouth scent will have you dreaming of your favourite bakery. Vanilla slice anyone?

Lychee & Black Tea - Fill up the bath after a long day and enjoy this sweet, relaxing scent. A fuss free spa appointment at a moment’s notice.

Limited Edition Fragrances

By The Fire – This warm ozonic scent is the ideal accompaniment to your winter. Think violet, sandalwood, patchouli and hints of vanilla.